Plodding along the road, going where?
Drawn by circumstance
First here, then there

The days drift by, one by one
Lost in our journey
Too soon we are done

The ancients encourage
Live life to the fullest
Without purpose your life will disparage

What then is purpose, what could it be?
The answer remains a mystery
Deep within soul searching me

I ache to be better
This can’t be all, there has to be more
I hope to find answers in this penned letter

Is it to love? Is it to achieve?
I fear from all I ask
The answers will be varied

Varied is good though, we each have our needs
Taking care of each of could be the way
Could it be as simple as doing good deeds?

The greatest command is to love
Love God, love others, love self
As spoken by our Lord above

Loving God seems so easy
It should come quite naturally
Without diligence though, not as easy at it seems

To love others can be hard in itself
Sometimes they oppose and yes even hate us
Stand strong in your commitment and love as commanded
The results will be blameless

To love self is hardest of all
The self talk is awful
The mistakes, the doubts, it all casts a pall

To love God help is required
Immerse in the word and pray without ceasing
Soon you will begin to feel rewired

With God’s love, you can love others
Love them where they are
Not as you want them

If you love God, then love his creation
In His image, wonderfully made
Love of self, comes with salvation

Start Of Weight Loss Journey

This was my first post into the keto sub on reddit

Took my before pic on September 1 and started Keto on the 2nd. It’s going remarkably well. No cheats, no cravings, no Keto flu. Hunger stays in check most of the time. I still eat 3 meals a day and don’t anticipate going to IF(intermittent fasting) anytime soon. I lost a lot of weight 15-16 years ago by just reducing carbs and exercising. Didn’t know anything about Keto, Paleo or any other diet. Went from 274 to 207 over 9 months or so.

On a Dr. visit July 16, I weighed 309 fully clothed with steel toe boots. On September 27, at a different Dr., I weighed 290 fully clothed with steel toe boots. I’m not sure what my start weight was, but I’m going to attribute the 19# difference from July-September to Keto and walking. I’m guessing my actual weight is between 275-280 right now, which is approximately where I started from the last time I lost weight. Which is fine, I’m locked in for the long haul. This is too simple to consider anything else. My goal weight is 210, which is more than the weight on my DL, hahaha. I don’t need a six pack. I’m good with just being in “lake shape”. You know, not ashamed to take my shirt off at the lake. We don’t have beaches here on the southern plains, we have lakes.

I guess this info would be handy-

56M/6’1″ SD:9/02/18 SW: ??? CW: 280?? GW:210

Now for my NSV(non-scale victory); My jeans which not so long ago were slung low around my waist and trying to cut me in half… I can now pull up to my belly button. I mean I could get plumb nerdy with these things if I wanted to. My tongue in cheek question is, should I buy more jeans or get some suspenders. I think I could really rock some of those rainbow colored Mork suspenders on the jobsite.

Also, my nice round, thick neck is starting to develop a turkey wattle. That is just great. I had started to notice it a couple of days ago and then last night at a restaurant, my 18yo daughter started slapping at it. Nice, real nice. Anyway, the score is I’m losing weight and headed to a healthier better me and if I have to live with a wattle for awhile, so be it.